In 2003 we started working Royal AVEBE to distribute their range of potato starches to the UK and Republic of Ireland

Today that range extends well beyond native potato starches and incldues highly function clean label and modified starch products

Speciality Starches

Perfectasol - Potato Starch and Protein solutions for turnkey NPD
Etenia - texturiser and vegan creaminess enhancement

Cook Up Starches

Farinex range of modified potato starches for hot prep recipes

Perfectamyl range of modified, dried and clean label starches

ELIANE™ cook up starches from Waxy Potato for shorter texture

AVEBE Potato Starch - wholesale and manufacturing specific packaging

Pregelatinised / Instant Starches

Paselli maltodextrins, low DE starch sugars and bakery starches

Prejel instant starches for frozen foods and low pH recipes

ELIANE™ instant starches from Waxy Potato for enhanced clarity