potato protein

the secret ingredient to the finest new vegan and plant based foods:
Potato Protein

not all proteins are created equal


What is more natural than the humble potato?

A starchy vegetable by definition, it is no wonder potato starch is firmly rooted in the ingredients cupboard of most food manufacturers

But a potato is not just starch and water

Inside is an untapped resource for plant based food manufacturers:

Potato Protein is not only uniquely natural, but it is rich in functionality too


Plant based meat is an evolving market

new entrants need points of difference; established players must refine and improve

strong gelation with unique binding and cohesion

Firmness can be adjusted too - giving your development team control over the desired texture and bite

Are you looking to remove Methylcellulose?

Solanic 200 has the answer

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Consumers demanding a planet-first approach to new products

With full control over their supply chain, from seed potatoes to the protein we deliver; sustainability is hard-coded into Royal AVEBE's business processes

AVEBE have been able to reduce the CO2 emissions and can provide an enviable Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for their potato proteins compared to alternative functional ingredients

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We cannot ignore challenges facing global food security

Solanic Potato Protein represents a major European investment into our collective food security

Harnessing the potential of potato protein into new markets like plant based meat and egg replacement, Royal AVEBE has made a commitment to deliver a sustainable new protein source for food manufacturers across the world

Daymer Ingredients are here to help UK and Irish food businesses un-tap that potential