malt extracts

Daymer Ingredients partnered with Senson Oy - a Finnish producer of liquid and powdered malt extracts to offer UK and Republic of Ireland customers access to their innovative product range

the benefits of malt extract

Sweetness: Malt extract provides a sweet flavour to food products

Nutrient Boost: Malt extract is a source of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, providing nutritional benefits to the final product

Browning: Malt extract is commonly used in baking and cooking for its ability to contribute to the browning of foods

Preservation: Malt extract is a natural preservative, helping to extend the shelf-life of food products

Texture: Malt extract can improve the texture and consistency of food products, making them smoother and creamier

senson gluten free

gluten free malt extracts with less than 20ppm of gluten. No noticeable difference with colour or taste to standard products

used for flavour enhancement, colour and structure in bakery, beverages, cereals and snack products

clean label - packaged with gluten free status verified per batch

senson sour

Light liquid malt extract processed with lactic acid fermentation to give a distinctive sour note in the flavour profile

can be used to extend shelf life as well as enhance flavour

also available in gluten free version

senson umami

senson umami liquid bean contains soluble animo acids delivering a meat-like flavour profile, boosting meaty notes and helping reduce salt and sugars

suitable for vegan and non-vegan savoury applications - especially convenience foods, snack foods and QSR food products