We are please to unveil our new cereal bar concept utilising CFF Apple Fibre (AF401)

Using only 3.5% added fibre (and water), we were able to:

  • reduce the honey by 50%
  • completely remove the 6.5% added sugar
  • reduce the fat content by up to 50%


CFF Apple Fibre is:

  • clean label (free from e-Numbers)
  • Gluten Free
  • produced in EU (ISO 22,000)
  • available in the UK exclusively from Daymer Ingredients Limited

This concept works across the cereal bar and baked goods category.

For more information, samples and a test/basic recipe, please contact us.


Daymer Ingredients have developed a premium version of its clean label sausage stabilising system for use in Low Fat Sausages.

This improves further on mouthfeel and moisture retention over our standard clean label fat reduction system.

Developed for manufacturers of branded and private label sausages, the stabiliser helps reduce fat levels down to  4% total weight, whilst retaining a succulent and juicy texture and mouthfeel.

Unlike some other fat mimetic & stabilising products for meat application, this system is clean label and gluten free.

  • A new blend of selected potato starches, inulin and rice flour with added dextrose for colour and flavour enhancement
  • More significantly enhances the moisture and juicy mouthfeel of low fat processed meat products
  • Can be used to reduce fat in sausages to approximately 4%
  • Suitable for gluten free applications
  • Can be used in clean label systems



Yes, you can literally have you cake and eat it!

– low fat cakes
– clean label (no E Number) solution
– cost effective- replace fat with water
– Gluten free baking potential

This post will describe how a baker can replace fat by up to 30% in a standard cake recipe whilst maintaining the same batter viscosity using Etenia™ Legato™ potato starch.