Ingredients Distribution

Daymer Ingredients was set up in 2003 initially as the UK and Republic of Ireland distribution partner to AVEBE U.A.  We have grown our ingredient portfolio progressively since including proteins, fibres, hydrocolloids and flavour components.  We are open to approaches from new ingredients partners and suppliers- especially in texturising, stabilising and functional systems.

With over 70 million direct consumers, plus an ever growing export market for British and Irish foodstuffs, we offer ingredient manufacturers unrivalled access and support to one of the most dynamic food markets in the world.

Our clear focus is on innovation and market trends – providing sales and application support to our customers and partners in new and existing product development.

We have specific expertise in the following sectors:

  • dairy and dairy desserts
  • bakery
  • savoury convenience foods
  • ready meals
  • soups, sauces and gravies
  • dressings and mayonnaises
  • coating systems
  • freefrom / dairy & gluten
  • vegan and meat free proteins

We have an in-house development facility for innovation and concept engineering and all our warehousing and logistics are provided in dedicated food and pharma facilities.

Daymer were one of the first distributors to receive the Grade A BRC Agents and Brokers certification in 2015 and we continue to hold this accreditation, currently at Double-A grade.  We do not work on agency or commission bases, taking full title to all goods we supply to our customers.  This ensures sound financial management and credit risk for all our partners wanting to access the UK and Republic of Ireland markets.

If you would like further information on partnering with us, please contact us for more information.


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