Daymer Ingredients Limited work with CFF GmbH & Co. KG to bring the SANACEL® range of functional food fibres to the UK and Republic of Ireland.


SANACEL® dietary fibre concentrates are natural ingredients for the food industry.

The majority of the range are clean label with healthy declarations for front and back of pack marketing.

They offer a high nutritional profile combined with functional properties including texture enrichment, fat reduction, stabilisation, emulsification, water binding, bulking and  anti-caking.

Depending on the target application, fibre types are used in a size range of 23 µm – 1000 µm.

SANACEL® food fibres are gained from renewable raw materials and differ by type of origin and composition.

Daymer Ingredients are here to help you select the right fibres for your recipes, so please get in touch to find out more.


Insoluble Fibres:

  • SANACEL® (powder cellulose, E 460ii)
  • SANACEL® wheat (wheat fibre)
  • SANACEL® oat (oat fibre)
  • SANACEL® bamboo (bamboo fibre)


Fibre or fibre blends with partial solubility:

  • SANACEL® betaG (barley fibre)
  • SANACEL® pot (potato fibre)
  • SANACEL® AF (apple fibre)
  • SANACEL® add (fibre blends)


For more information about the range or to request samples, please contact us.


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