Savoury Blocks

Basic ‘Beef” Natural Flavour
(100% vegan,  25% NaCl, allergen free)As it says on the box, this is basic savoury beef base powder with a low salt content suitable for all food production.

Used with water to create a natural beefy stock, this can also be combined with our ELIANE™ starch range to create a beefy gravy or filling foundation for you to add your own wow factor to impress your customers.

Also suitable for snack food seasoning and general seasoning applications.

SKU: 20kg
PRICE: on application

Basic ‘Chicken’ Natural Flavour
(100% vegan, 33% NaCl, allergen free)A natural chicken note that offers a delicate profile as a savoury chicken back note for soups, sauces, cream bases and pie fillings; rather than an aggressive, artificial chickeny hit for snack food seasonings.

We have also kept the salt levels below industry standards and this is 100% suitable for vegan and vegetarian applications.

We can also increase the ‘chickeniness’ for customers who require more impact or a stronger roasted note.

SKU: 20kg
PRICE: on application

Basic Savoury Natural Flavour
(100% vegan, 35% NaCl, allergen free)A natural generic savoury base for stocks, soups, sauces and snack food products.Ideal as a cost effective alternative to HVP and can be used in combination with a high ribonucleotide yeast extract to round off an overall flavour profile in savoury food production.

This product has been optimised for its flavour delivery against its cost-in-use and application rate.

Daymer’s Basic Savoury Natural Flavour will help you add value, not cost, to your recipes and formulations.

SKU: 20kg
PRICE: on application


For more information, samples and pricing; please contact us.

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