Whether you are looking to produce a smooth and creamy dairy dessert, thicken a milkshake or develop a new ready meal sauce, Daymer offer a range of high quality hydrocolloid gums for food and beverage manufacture.

We understand the challenges faced by food manufacturers and always ensure product quality, cost and reliability are evenly balanced to meet the demands of today’s business environment.


Our gum range includes:

Daymer Xanthan Gum – coarse (80 mesh)
Daymer Xanthan Gum – fine (200 mesh)
Daymer LBG  – Locust Bean Gum
Daymer Guar Gum (200 mesh)
Daymer Carrageenan (kappa grade)
Sodium Alginate

All our gums are ethically-sourced for leading producers who meet our stringent quality standards and all materials are held in stock for customer call-off.  We also offer bespoke ingredient systems for fat reduction, stabilisation and general texturising.

For more information, samples, product specifications and prices, please contact us.

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