Daymer Ingredients Limited was founded in 2003 to distribute starches for AVEBE UA- the world’s largest producer of potato starches.

AVEBE’s range of food starches are highly innovative and cover a number of core segments including bakery, dairy, snack foods, meats and soups and sauces.

From the award winning Etenia™ and Eliane™ starches to maltodextrins, modified starches and native potato starches, AVEBE has a starch solution for thickening, binding and stabilising your food products.

Daymer make these products available to the UK and Republic of Ireland food industry on an exclusive basis.


Native Starches

Modified Starches

Maltodextrin, Dextrins and Sugars

Other cereal products


We also supply some other starches from other manufacturers when waxy maize, wheat or tapioca bases are required for labelling.


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