We have partnered with Bio Springer by Lesaffre to bring you a range of innovative yeast extracts and natural flavour enhancers to your culinary developments.

The range compliments a conventional approach to the flavour triangle:

Flavour base yeast extract

The flavour base acts as a foundation to provide the overall taste profile. It acts synergistically with other tastes and notes to help round-off and balance overall taste to make it unique in savoury or sweet applications.

Yeast-based Flavours

Specific flavour notes, built on base notes, will define the taste identity of a flavour and a signature taste. As taste remains the first purchase driver for foods and beverages, bringing a signature through specific flavor notes is a key to differentiation.

Biospringer’s yeast-based specific flavor notes  will help create memorable tastes, from white-meat chicken, to beef juice, gravy, grilled meat and even cheese notes, and more.

Umami Yeast Extracts

In the 1980’s, a 5th taste is added to the list of the four common tastes, saltiness, sweetness, sourness and bitterness: umami. Umami describes a pleasant, mouth-filling and lingering taste and means literally “delicious taste” in Japanese.

This distinctive taste is brought by a specific amino acid and nucleotides. Often associated with Asian cuisine, Umami is found in many other foodstuffs like parmesan cheese, dashi, mushroom or tomatoes. Umami taste offers numerous benefits in food formulation, particularly flavour improvement and salt reduction, a challenge for food manufacturers.

Umami compensates for the loss of saltiness and maintains the flavour intensity and attractiveness of low salt products. With a natural content of nucleotides and amino acids, Biospringer’s yeast extracts are powerful in umami taste..