We are partnered with Futura Ingredients supplying their full range of emulsifiers and texturising systems to the UK and Irish markets

Futura Ingredients are uniquely aligned with one of South East Asia’s leading oil and fats players. This underpins their strength in raw material management and provides intimate insights into the edible oil market.

This enables us to respond to our mutual customers need for:

  • Cost effective product
  • Security and continuity of supply
  • High quality raw material

brand values

In a world where consumers require products to meet standards in sustainability, food safety and security, and social engagement; Futura Ingredients have the accreditations to meet these expectations.

Glycerol Mono Stearates & Distilled Mono Glycerides


Manufactured from natural vegetable based oils and fats. Functions as a starch complexing agent(eg. In bread pasta and potato powder), water in oil stabilizer and emulsifier (eg.in table margarine)and aerating agent(eg in ice cream, imitation cream and bakery gel formulations.)

This series of products can also reduce the stickiness in chewing gum and improve the air incorporation and foam stability in imitation cream. RSPO CERTIFIED products are also available.

Self-Emulsifying Glycerol Mono Stearates


Manufactured from Natural Vegetable-based oils and fats with a co-emulsifier to enhance emulsification properties. Functions as a quick forming emulsifier and improves emulsification properties, especially in beverages and non-dairy applications. It is also used in personal care applications.

Proplyene Glycol Esters – PG SERIES
Polyglycerol Esters – PE SERIES

Manufactured from vegetable – based organic fatty acids. Functions as an aerating agent (eg.in imitation cream, shortening and whipped topping), improves the whipping properties and plasticity in margarine and improves the crumb structure and cake batter performance in bakery applications

Sorbitan Esters – SE SERIES

Manufactured from vegetable based organic fatty acids. Functions as anti crystalisers in cooking oils, and anti bloom agents in Compound chocolates and all sorts of confectionery fats including Cocoa Butter Substitutes , Cocoa Butter Replacers and Cocoa Butter Equivalents.

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylates – SL SERIES

Manufactured from vegetable based organic fatty acids and lactic acid. Functions as a strengthener (eg. in dough) , volume improver and softerner / anti-staling (eg.in bread), aerating agent and foam stabilizer (eg. in cream and dessert products)

Crystalliser – KRYS SERIES

Manufactured from natural vegetable – based oils and fats. Stabilises products with high oil content , provides resistance to oil separation and improves mouthfeel(eg. Peanut butter , wafer creams , savoury pastes and spreads)

Emulsifier Blends – MYXT SERIES

Co – generated emulsifier blends and natural vegetable based triglycerides. Functions as emulsifiers imparting imparting superior meltdown properties for ice cream , water in oil stabilizer and crystallizer in margarines and spreads.