AVEBE win food valley award for etenia

August 8th, 2008 | Posted by jwlbrace in uncategorised

At the Food Valley Conference on 8 October 2009 AVEBE received the prestigious Food Valley Award 2009 for its ETENIA™ line of starches.

ETENIA™ is the new potato based product range from AVEBE that will help food manufacturers meet consumer demand for healthy, wellness oriented, natural and safe foods. ETENIA™ gives a creamy rich texture to low fat products such as yoghurt.

Its unique gelling properties make it a good alternative for gelatin in e.g. wine gums.

It also offers an absolutely new possibility for manufacturers to have an E-number free, natural texturiser with no taste.
Besides that ETENIA™ can also be used in dairy and bakery products, ice cream, spreads and bakery margarines.

“The technical functionalities of the ETENIA™ products allows a true connection of market need and technical attributes to deliver improved product performance for consumer led innovative developments”, said Dr. Piet Buwalda, AVEBE’s Manager Innovation Centre Food. “ETENIA™ is the result of many years of work which has yielded not only this exciting new product line, but also a portfolio of recipes and formulation expertise. The experts at AVEBE have the knowledge to produce solutions at the bench, in the pilot plant and at the factory of our customers.”

ETENIA™ has been developed together with DSM Food Specialties. AVEBE and DSM Food Specialties entered into a strategic partnership in 2007. The combination of DSM’s enzyme expertise and AVEBE’s starch knowledge creates new opportunities for the development of innovative creaminess-enhancing products for the food industry, with ETENIA™ as the first result of this partnership.

Food Valley annually rewards the most distinguishing innovative and sustainable innovation within Dutch food industry. The objective of the Food Valley Award is to enhance the innovativeness of the food and food-related sector by rewarding promising new initiatives that also advance the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in an exemplary manner.

“We are very proud to receive the Food Valley Award 2009”, said Gerben Meursing, Commercial Director of AVEBE. “AVEBE is excited about the great potential that the ETENIA™ range has for the growth of our business and will be another strong demonstration of the innovative image and portfolio of AVEBE within the market place.”

For more information please contact Johan Russchen, t +31 (0)598 664208 e [email protected]

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