ELIANE™ C200- crispiness in coated nuts

May 24th, 2011 | Posted by jwlbrace in general update

AVEBE has launched ELIANE™ C200 for the snack food industry.

ELIANE™ C200 provides high expansion which makes fried coated nuts stand out among current market standards. It provides an appealing snack with immediate flavour release and a superior crispy bite that consumers appreciate.

ELIANE™ offers greater flexibility in coating levels

AVEBE’s traditional potato starches are considered the market standard:  they are of major importance in the coating recipe, to provide expansion and the right texture.  AVEBE’s ‘waxy’ potato starch, ELIANE™ C200, contains over 99% amylopectin, which guarantees extra expansion and delivers a great new crispy but light texture.

ELIANE™ C200 fits in easily with current processes and is easy to apply. One unique property of this waxy potato starch is the outstanding ‘tack ‘ to the nut.  In production, better tack results in a lower wastage of the coating mix and gives a solid coating that stays intact, even during transport and packaging.

At a glance, the benefits of ELIANE™ C200 in fried coated nuts compared to existing market standards:

  • Excellent delicate crispy bite
  • Fits into current processing
  • High expansion
  • Very good  tack, no waste of coating mix
  • Good coating firmness, no crushed nuts in the package
  • Clean Label,  ELIANE™ C200 can be declared as potato starch

Want to find out more about ELIANE™ and the application in coated nuts?

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