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AVEBE achieved a net profit of 32.1 million euros with a turnover of 595.5 million euros. This represents an increase in the net result of over 60% compared to the previous year (19.8 million euros). The turnover for that year was 565.3 million euros.

Over financial year 2011/2012 AVEBE was on average able to achieve good market prices. The good harvest brought an end to the scarcity of potato starch that marked financial year 2010/2011.


Due to continued global availability concerns over raw materials, prices on all our commodity ingredients are likely to increase in November 2012.

Our suppliers have cited a number of factors, these include:

– rising prices on US corn and wheat markets
– poor growing conditions due to adverse weather
– changes in commercial operations

All customers affected will be contacted over the next five days.

For more information immediately, please contact us.