AVEBE’s supply-chain of starch potatoes continues uninterrupted despite the frost and wintry conditions.

Currently over half the expected potato harvest for this year has already been processed.

Due to August and September floods, and the early on-set of winter conditions, just a small percentage of starch potato acreage remains to be harvested. The expected total production of potato starch will be about 20% less than last year.

Potato quality is quite good. Due to the wet harvest conditions, the tare rate is higher than 2009, while the underwater weight (starch content) is about 470 grams. This is 15 grams less than last year’s campaign. It is expected this year’s campaign will conclude, by 1 March 2011, when all starch potatoes will have been processed.

Due to heavy snowfall in the Warwickshire area, some members of our staff have not been able to make it in to work today.

In the event that you cannot contact us on our main switchboard number, please email us:  info “at” daymer “dot” com.  Alternatively please call James Brace on +44 (0)7887 874 179 for urgent matters.

Our office will be closed from 2pm on Thursday, 23rd December 2010 and will re-open on Tuesday, 4th January 2011.

AVEBE & BASF Plant Science start Research & Development cooperation on genetically optimized amylopectin starch potatoes

  • Goal is a more sustainable production of starch potatoes and starch processing
  • Joint development of fungal resistant amylopectin starch potatoes for European farmers
  • (more…)

    The China Quality Certification center (CQC) has just awarded Bio Springer China the following Food safety certificates for its skills in yeast extract manufacturing:

    ISO 9001 (2008)
    ISO 22000 (2005)
    HACCP (CAC/RCP1-1969, REV4-2003

    Bio Springer’s customers, supplied from its new plant in Laibin China, are guaranteed to purchase yeast products in compliance with the best quality standards.

    For more information on Bio Springer products, please contact us.