While health and nutrition is top of mind for dairy consumers nowadays, taste remains the key driver. When it comes to boosting creaminess and texture in yoghurts, increasing fat and protein levels are commonly used.

With ETENIA™ QS, the latest extension of AVEBE’s innovative E-number-free ETENIA™-range, it is now possible to produce cost-optimized yoghurts with remarkable creamy texture, as well as shiny and smooth appearance!

ETENIA™ QS is the clean label solution for dairy products that offers a clean taste profile, and is Kosher and Halal certified. ETENIA™ QS has been designed to fit existing processes and meets shelf-life requirements for yoghurts. ETENIA™ QS is stable at low-pH and resists shear and heat.

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Are you looking for opportunities to enhance the creaminess of yoghurt?

AVEBE has just the solution for you! ETENIA™ 457 is a potato based specialty starch which provides excellent creaminess and texturising properties in fat-free, low and high fat yoghurts. Small amounts of ETENIA™ 457 enhance the creaminess perception of low fat yoghurt (1.5%) to that of full fat yoghurt (5%) (Alting et al., 2008)!

ETENIA™ 457 outperforms other ingredients currently on the market and is cost-effective. ETENIA™ 457 offers you a truly natural taste along with halal, kosher and non-GMO certificates. ETENIA™ 457 has excellent properties so the ingredient is very easy to handle and is designed to fit existing processes. It is cold-soluble, stable at low pH, and also resists shearing and heat.

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