The Supermarket Market

November 1st, 2011 | Posted by jwlbrace in general update - (0 Comments)

Potato Starch, often referred to as Potato Flour, has long been available from specialist outlets, Asian foods supermarkets and even online from ingredients suppliers.   However we are seeing more and more requirement for it directly in mainstream UK supermarkets.

The advantages of Potato Flour are very clear to coeliac and gluten intolerance sufferers as it is 100% freefrom gluten, so no issues over CODEX levels and trace gluten.

It is also 100% GM Free- a natural product processed direct from naturally-bred potatoes.  However, the real hidden gem for consumers is that it also has some unique functional properties for modern day cuisine:

– cleaner, taste neutral flavour (no cereal note)
– clearer sauces with better shine and appearance
– smooth textures when using selected grade Potato Flour
– lower gelatinisation temperature (you use less energy to thicken your food)

Casino- French Private Label Potato Flour

For more information on how Potato Flour can be used in your cooking, please contact us.