Daymer’s Development Team have launched a range of clean-label stabiliser blends for mayonnaise and dressing products targeting both 10% and 30% fat levels.

texture customisation using Daymer’s clean-label stabiliser blends

These stabiliser blends will be optimised to customer specific profiles- creating the right texture for each and every mayo and dressing we help with.

Our stabiliser blends offer:

– low cost-in-use alternative to other solutions
– 100% clean label declaration
– customised to individual texture requirements

Product Notes:

Daymer Stabiliser System – clean label mayo –  10% fat target
Daymer Stabiliser System – clean label mayo – 30% fat target

For more information or to arrange to see some of our concepts and samples, please contact us.

While health and nutrition is top of mind for dairy consumers nowadays, taste remains the key driver. When it comes to boosting creaminess and texture in yoghurts, increasing fat and protein levels are commonly used.

With ETENIA™ QS, the latest extension of AVEBE’s innovative E-number-free ETENIA™-range, it is now possible to produce cost-optimized yoghurts with remarkable creamy texture, as well as shiny and smooth appearance!

ETENIA™ QS is the clean label solution for dairy products that offers a clean taste profile, and is Kosher and Halal certified. ETENIA™ QS has been designed to fit existing processes and meets shelf-life requirements for yoghurts. ETENIA™ QS is stable at low-pH and resists shear and heat.

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Tesco introduces the first ‘virtual store’, combining the online shopping experience with a physical presence.

The landscape of the Food Industry is ever-evolving and as markets become even more competitive with lowered operating costs, then we can expect to see further pressures on food manufacturers to follow with lower priced goods, from cost reduced recipes.

January was an interesting month in the Development Kitchen.  We’ve spent countless hours developing and refining some clean label stabiliser systems for mayonnaise products and will be demonstrating to customers over the next few weeks.

We have produced a range of textures developed for specific applications including dipping, spreading and salad bases.  We have also designed these systems for varying the fat level- ranging from 60% down to as low as 10% oil addition.

Further work will go into further reducing the oil inclusion as well as an egg-free vegan stabiliser system.

Michael testing the latest clean label system

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Firstly thank you to all our customers, suppliers and business partners for all your custom, support and goodwill over 2011.  We hope 2012 proves to be another positive year for Daymer Ingredients Limited and all the people and businesses we work with on a day-to-day basis.

Our offices will close at 5pm on Thursday, 22nd December 2011 and we will not re-open until Tuesday 3rd January 2012 at 9am.

In the event of an emergency, please contact:

James Brace on +44 (0)7887 874 179 or email: [email protected]

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year

Bangers and Mash (well sort of)

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There’s some interesting work going on in the development kitchen this week.  We’re making sausages, not because we want to get in to selling sausages, but we think we can add our own stamp on the history of the Great British Banger with a special low fat, gluten free system.

The end game will be to produce a range clean label fat reducer system for customers and prospective customers alike and we will begin marketing the new fat reduction system in the new year.

We also keep all our products gluten free where possible, so this could also open up other opportunities for our customers using our fat reduction system in gluten free meats.

So far we’ve been able to reduce fat levels of our ‘standard recipe’ down to sub 4%, more information to follow in due course.

A low fat, gluten free sausage using potato ingredients… that’s got to be a good thing.


The Supermarket Market

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Potato Starch, often referred to as Potato Flour, has long been available from specialist outlets, Asian foods supermarkets and even online from ingredients suppliers.   However we are seeing more and more requirement for it directly in mainstream UK supermarkets.

The advantages of Potato Flour are very clear to coeliac and gluten intolerance sufferers as it is 100% freefrom gluten, so no issues over CODEX levels and trace gluten.

It is also 100% GM Free- a natural product processed direct from naturally-bred potatoes.  However, the real hidden gem for consumers is that it also has some unique functional properties for modern day cuisine:

– cleaner, taste neutral flavour (no cereal note)
– clearer sauces with better shine and appearance
– smooth textures when using selected grade Potato Flour
– lower gelatinisation temperature (you use less energy to thicken your food)

Casino- French Private Label Potato Flour

For more information on how Potato Flour can be used in your cooking, please contact us.

Food Navigator are warning of potential price increases on egg and egg products in Jan 2012.  The reason cited is the move from conventional battery techniques which will be banned within the EU from next year.

If the UK market follows the German trend from 2010, then capacity could be down by 20%, therefore forcing an added on-cost onto egg and egg products for food manufacturers.

Please see here for further details-

Ways to replace egg- partial and full- using Daymer’s range of products:

– egg wash and pie glazes

we have a range of AVEDEX starch products (dextrins) which can be used as an alternative in glazes and glazing systems

– egg as an emulsifier in mayo and liquid foods

ELIANE™ MC160 and Paselli MC150 E1450 modified potato starches can be used in egg-free mayo type applications

– egg in cakes for foaming and emusification

Clean label stabiliser systems and modified starch systems for foaming the cake mix in a liquid phase.

For more information, please contact us.

Avebe has added extra applications for its Etenia™ potato starch range, this time to enable lower levels of fat in cream cheese and ice-cream.

Etenia™  is said to have applications both in terms of fat replacement but also for hydrocolloid (guar gum, locust bean) substitutes in cream cheese and ice-cream.

“We are getting close to 0% fat reduction levels for cream cheese with Etenia,” explained Cindy Semeijn AVEBE’s Market Manager.  She added that hydrocolloid replacement with Etenia starches ensures dairy brand owners can appeal to increasing clean label demands, as they don’t have to add E-Numbers to the ingredients list.

In the EU Etenia™ can be labelled simply as ‘starch’.

Further Information:

please contact us for more information, samples and application guides on Etenia™

Food Navigator Article by Jane Byrne on Food – direct link

Food Navigator Article by Jane Byrne on Food – pdf download

We have a number Gluten Free innovations coming out in the autumn showcasing work in this area.

These include confectionery, savoury snacks, crisps, coating systems and of course, bakery.

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